>> Co 1
>> Co 2
>> Co 3
>> Co 4
>> H-97
>> H-165
>> H-226
>> Indira Cassava-2 (IGT-4)
>> Sree Apoorva(5-3)
>> Sree Athulya(4-2)
>> Sree Harsha(2-14)
>> Sree Jaya(CI-649)
>> Sree Padmanabha
>> Sree Prabha(TCH-2)
>> Sree Prakash(S-856)
>> Sree Rekha(TCH-1)
>> Sree Sahya(H-2304)
>> Sree Vijaya(CI-731)
>> Sree Visakham(H-1687)


Cassava has a major role as an industrial raw material for starch and sago production, which is taking place on a high volume level in Tamil Nadu and has spread to adjacent states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Sustainability in starch production is largely dependent on high yielding varieties. CTCRI has released 14 improved varieties of cassava. Triploid high starch cassava varieties like 4-2 and 5-3 offer promises to replace the earlier high yielding varieties like H 165 and H 226 popular in Tamil Nadu. Demand of the starch industries have been met with the development and popularization of high starch varieties of cassava and several high starch triploid hybrids are also in pipeline for Central release.Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) being a major problem to be addressed, there has been thrust given in the past which resulted in the development of CMD resistant, high yielding cassava varieties with good table quality and these are on the verge of release.


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