As we all know the indiscriminate and non judicious nutrient application through chemical fertilizers, led to the erosion of soil health in a very bad way. Among the many natural resources we possess, soil is the most precious one which is essential for the life. In this regard, we all need to take care of our soil to make it healthy so that it will have life in it.
Under the Prime Ministers prestigious Mera Gaon, Mera Guurav (MGMG) programme which is being implemented by ICAR-CTCRI in the nearby villages Pothencode, Kazhakkoottam, Champazhanthy, Kaniyapuram, Powdikkonam and Sreekariyam, soil samples were collected from farmers' fields. These samples are analysed to know the nutrient status of the soil and based on that the recommendation of organic manures and fertilizers including secondary and micronutrients for raising different crops in that soil is obtained.
This card will serve as a ready reckoner to assist the farmers in applying fertilizers and manures as per the crop requirement in a balanced way to protect soil health by avoiding unnecessary fertilizer use and save money.